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Below is a list of the individual courses available for your child to take. We offer interactive curriculum, including: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science, and special subjects like Technology, Spanish, Art, and P.E.

Wondering what a segment is?

All of our Elementary courses are broken into two parts - a first half (segment 1) and a second half (segment 2). You may be used to the word semester (for example, fall semester or spring semester). Segment is just that! Both segments make up the whole course.


Please select your courses below. You can sign up for up to six (6) courses at a time.

Thank you for choosing Florida Virtual School. Please note that K-5 Elementary Spanish courses are currently full and are not available for registration at this time. The courses will be available again this October.

Please click on each grade level to view and select courses for your student. Each course selection will default to the full course, but you have the option to change that selection to only one segment if you prefer (see above for more information on segments).